Classic broth

To make a "great stock"
To get a broth not only great, but also abundant and so use it, as well as soups for various uses in the kitchen, it is advisable to throw in a pot of 5 kg. beef curd and 2 kg. of calf, then put on fire without lid, taking care to foam thoroughly.
Mix the smells (four carrots, four celery strips, two cloves and one onion cut in half and arrown a little on the plate to give the broth a nice color).

Boiling must take place on a slow fire with the cooked pot, so that the broth makes its typical gurgling.
After about two hours of cooking, remove the calf and add one or two chickens or poultry equivalent.
In the end, the broth is poured over for a canvas lying on a bowl, remembering to remove fat from both hot and cold. è gestito dall'Associazione




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A broth for those in a hurry

Although it is well known that the hurry does not agree with good cooking, there is a way to get good broth in no time; a good broth for tortellini to make envy to those prepared according to all the culinary critiques.

Just get yourself:

  • 1 kg. of chopped beef
  • a carrot,
  • a stalk of celery,
  • a clove of garlic
  • and a chives.

Place it in a saucepan, sprinkle two liters and a quarter of water, a few salt and the aroma of nutmeg and boil to low heat, frothing carefully.
After half an hour of cooking, remove from the fire and pass through the sieve or with a towel.

If you have more time trying to make the classic stock for tortellini.

Another Bolognese course

Not everyone knows that in addition to the tortellini there is another dish of Bolognese cooking tradition highly appreciated as soup:


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