the land of the motors - Motor Valley

Emilia Romagna = Motors

Emilia Romagna is the land of the Motor Valley, a destination for motor enthusiasts and adrenaline activities. 

The roads of these areas, among the most beautiful of Italy, have become a destination for passionate motorcyclists, but also drivers, looking for exciting routes full of bends and views, and in fact many places in the area are hosting motor-themed rallies.

As these places are linked to the world of motorsport, is demonstrated by the numerous theme holiday packages available today. 

The possibilities are many, from visits to museums dedicated to some of the most famous car and motorcycle manufacturers in the world like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati, just to name a few, up to the possibility to experience the thrill of a lap on a sports car.

But there are still many activities that can be carried out in the area related to the world of engines: visits to museums, courses dedicated to safe and sports driving and any other kind of activity linked to the world of two and four wheels.

With 9 museums, 21 collections, 7 construction companies, 5 racetracks and 11 go-kart tracks, motor lovers will be overwhelmed by choices and they’ll feel a sure and strong desire to come back here soon and often!



Furthermore , you can visiti the private collections of vintage cars and motorcycles and other objects in the motor valley , unique opportunities to discover brands that have marked an era in the motor world.