TORTELLINI - Fresh pasta and filling - the recipe

fresh pasta for TORTELLINI (part one)

fresh pasta recipe -  Tortellini 

required for 4 people:
For the dough: gr. 400 of flour,
3 whole eggs, half shell egg water, a salt goblet,
one spoon of oil (optional).
For processing: 1-2 tablespoons flour

Preparation of the tortellini puff
Sift the flour on the marble table (or the planter) forming the fountain. Place a hole in the center and place the eggs, salt and, if you like, the oil.
Bake a few ingredients with the fork and simultaneously incorporate the flour. Follow this until you can work the dough with your hands.
If it is soft add some flour, if too much water is drunk.
Work the pasta twenty minutes with energy until it is smooth and elastic.

Pick up the ball, cover it with a bowl and let it rest for half an hour.

Divide the pasta into the same three pieces, pour one in and introduce it into the
pasta machine set so that the kneading cylinders are open at most.
Run the crank: you will get an irregular pasta strip that will infarine, fold in three, and enter again through the cylinders.
Repeat two or three times, then approach the cylinders more and every time you move the dough into the machine until you get a smooth and thin slices.
Place it, if necessary cut into two, on a slightly flamed canvas and repeat the same operation with the other two pieces of dough.
Then make the squares, arrange a filling hazelnut and close it all by giving the typical shape of the Tortellino (the smaller are the more "true Tortellini").
For those who love ancient tradition: the "hand-made" pasta is made with a good rolling pin.


Ingredients of Tortellini stuffing:

Pork loin gr.100.
Raw ham gr. 100.
Vera mortadella Bologna gr. 100.
Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese gr. 150.
Hen egg, no. 1
Smell of nutmeg

N.B .: The dose of gr. 150 Parmesan-Reggiano cheese is valid if this has a maturation of at least three years. If the cheese is less seasoned, the dose may be increased.

Processing Tortellini filling

The filling must be very accurate.

The lard must be rested for two days with a mixture of salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic, then cooked on a low heat, with little butter and then removed from the pan and cleaned up with its beat.

Finally, possibly with the chopping board. , finely trunks the lard, the ham and the mortadella and mixes everything with parmesan cheese and eggs, adding the smell of nutmeg.

Of course the goodness of filling the tortellini depends on the quality of the raw materials used.

To enjoy a good tortellino, it is essential to have an excellent soup that is obtained by placing in the pot a guarding capon (not bred with the feed) with the addition of those beef parts known to make  the classic broth for tortellini (tip chest, double, bite, etc.).

Not having the time the alternative is a broth for those who hurry ...


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