Gallery Art in Bologna

WIKIARTE Gallery Art in Bologna

The Galleria Wikiarte Art Gallery is located in the historic center of Bologna, a few steps from the famous Neptune and the Two Towers Garisenda and Asinelli, a new artistic reality of 300 square meters dedicated entirely to contemporary art and its protagonists. A young and dynamic context, where the desire to communicate through matter and color is breathed, a unique space where artists can express themselves freely without dogmas or preconceptions. The Wikiarte Gallery has collaborations with well-known television and radio companies. The creators and owners of this great exhibition space are Deborah Petroni, Rubens Fogacci, Davide Foschi and Valentina Mazza, who wanted to dedicate their halls to the greatest masters of the 20th century, so it will not be so unusual to be able to admire works in the discreet Sala Dalí , pausing on the path in the Klimt Hall, not forgetting to look at the works hosted in the Kandinsky Room, and finally, before going out to look in the colors of the works in the Picasso Room, the largest of the four.


Catalogs 2011
Intime Plaisir (tribute to Helmut Newton)
Brush and Word by Roberto Tomb
Art without the work of Marco Ruggia
Armonie and Beauty (the Figures of Desire) by Gabriele Marchesi
Susanne Seilkopf's Storyboard
Expo Bologna 2012 (art fair off Bologna)
The Beauty Generation
Bologna Primavera 2012 by Gernot Schmerlaib
Nature Inside by Giovanni Marinelli


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Trade Shows:
Padua Art
Art Genoa

Permanent  artists

Rubens Fogacci, Davide Foschi, Giulia Ferretti, Rita Cardelli, Gianfranco Bianchi, Susanne Seilkopf, Roberto Tomba, Gernot Schmerlaib, Il Petroniano, Peppe Pellandra, Sauro Benassi. 

Giovanni Marinelli, Andrea Sampoli, Adolfo Valente,Mauro Mattarelli, Monica Fior, Antonio Castaldo, Alessandro Russo, Ambramo Trestini, Alessandro Preti, Francesco Lamandini  

Ignazio Galfano, Marco Ruggia, Luca Mommarelli, Mirko Mittemperger Stefano Bettini

Il Viaggio dell'Arte:
Carlo Balljana

 - Donatore di cavallo selvaggio - bronzo fuso a cera persa  - cm. 28x45

Il Viaggio dell'Arte :
Zeno Da Verona

The big apple after 9/11 - olio su tela - cm. 60x80

Il Viaggio dell'Arte: 
Marisa Lelii 

Viaggio sacro - gesso-acquerello - cm. 45x80

info & contacts

Galleria Wikiarte 

address: Via San Felice 18 40122
Bologna BO
Location: Old Town
phone: +390515882723
mobile / Mobile: +393297135233
Fax: +390515882723
email address:
To reach the Gallery
From Piazza Maggiore 5 minutes on foot, take Via Ugo Bassi the continuous is Via san Felice. From the Station 10 minutes on foot, take Via Indipendenza to the far end, continue on the right with Via Ugo Bassi the continuous is Via san Felice.
Bus 29b, 11, 14 all those for the center
General informations

Size : sq. m. 300
Opening days:
Tuesday & Sunday:  3 pm to 7 pm
from Wednesday to Saturday - from 10.30 am to 7.00 pm

Inauguration 2011
Personal exhibitions per year: 12

Guidebooks / Directories: L'aperitivo Illustrato, Arte Shop, Arte, Exbiart, Ovo, Snap, Celeste Price, Cam 48.

  2. WIKIARTE Galleria d'Arte a Bologna


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