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Pasquale Mesto Motorcycles Collection

Via Minarini 1/f - San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna
Phone : +39 051 9910058 – 370 3012123

Opening hours: by appointment

The Collection includes over 30 models of the Italjet brand, from cross-country mini bikes to funny bikes, to competition ones. 

One of the most interesting pieces is the Record Cyclecar 250 torpedo, which has won several speed records at Monza. 

Some prototypes are also exhibited here, such as the Grifon 900.

Bruno Nigelli Collection

Address: c/o NIFO Via Giuseppe Venturi, 3 – Monte San Pietro, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 6766792
Opening hours: by appointment

This collection is born from the great passion of Bruno Nigelli for mechanics, and exhibits over 300 motorcycles, including rare and sometimes unique pieces, which tell the story of the Bologna motorcycle, a unique reality of its kind that has achieved the beauty of 85 builders in a single period.

Battilani Collection

Address: Via Poiano, 1/b - Imola, Bologna
Phone: +39 0542 640961
Opening hours: by appointment
The Battilani Collection brings together many rare vintage, Italian and foreign motorcycles, produced from the early 1900s to 1945. The exhibition traces the history of what was called "evolved bicycle", with unique models such as the Frera S8 / 10 Hp1140 of the 1921 or the Condor equipped with sidecar. A collection of rare and technologically interesting pieces.

Poggi Motorcycles Collection

Address: Via G. Vittorio, 2 – Villanova di Castenaso, Bologna
Phone: +39 339 1671703
Opening hours: by appointment
In the Poggi Collection, Yamaha fans will be able to admire over 60 vintage models to retrace the evolution of this Japanese sport brand. Among the rarest models there are a Yamaha YDS-1R and some TZs of different cylinder capacity. In addition, the collection includes some official Grand Prix bikes, such as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo ones.

DEMM Motorcycles and Mopeds Museum

Address: Via Mazzini, 230/a – Porretta Terme, Bologna
Phone: +39 0534 22021
Opening hours: by appointment

This Museum is the realization of the dream of Giuliano Mazzini, who has worked all his life at DEMM, a motorcycle brand active from 1919 to 1988. The single-brand exhibition includes a series of vehicles arranged in chronological order and accompanied by exhaustive technical data sheets, such as for example the Mini DEMM and the Rotary.

Pollini Collection

Address: Via Guido Rossa, 7 – Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 520311
Opening hours: by appointment

The Pollini Collection hosts an exhibition that aims to show the close connection between the world of cars and the evolution of society's customs, from fashion to cinema and sport, from the Fifties to the 2000s. An interesting collection of specialized magazines, vintage models and everything that revolves around the automotive world, such as valve radios.

Idice Valley Museum

Address: Via Croce di Prunaro, 21 – Budrio, Bologna
Phone: /
Opening hours: by appointment

The exhibition aims to highlight the history and the protagonists linked to the territory that have created great innovations. The collection is divided into sections, one of which is dedicated to Marconi, inventor of the radio, while another collects some models of the Ducati, such as the Cucciolo, or the bikes of Tartarini and Monetti, which have travel round the world.

Parilla Collection

Address: Via Provinciale Faentina, 21 – Modigliana, Forlì Cesena
Phone: +39 0546 941215
Opening hours: by appointment
It is a single-brand collection, dedicated to the Parilla motor brand, one of the most innovative companies in the forties and fifties, which includes about fifty restored vehicles, including a Parilla 98, as well as many historical documentation, objects and sports photographs that recall the history of these bikes.

Bandini Auto Collection

Address: Via del Braldo, 80 – Rovere, Forlì Cesena
Phone: +39 0543 67448
Opening hours: by appointment

The collection, curated by the Bandini Historical Register, shows the cars made by Ilario Bandini and his car brand, famous especially in the fifties, and which produced only 75 cars destined for competitions, such as the 750 Sport Siluro or the Sport Prototype; unique specimens that have made history.

Guzzi Brunelli Collection

Address: Viale Roma, 32 – Forlimpopoli, Forlì Cesena
Phone: +39 0543 1908018 – 335 1310902
Opening hours: by appointment

Elio Brunelli has gathered in the 650 square meters that houses his model collection, bikes that Moto Guzzi has created between the thirties and the seventies, all restored and approved ASI. In addition, a room dedicated to Lambrettas was set up, in addition to the reconstruction of a vintage petrol station.

Sassuolo Vintage Cars and Motorcycles

Address: Via San Giacomo, 5 – Sassuolo, Modena
Phone: +39 348 7810514 – 348 7810520
Opening hours: by appointment; August closed and October only on Sundays from 9 to 13
Permanent exhibition of historical cars and motorcycles relating to the period from the 1920s to the 1980s. In addition to the 90 Guzzi bikes that can be found in the collection, there are also some Bubblecars, micro cars with a rounded shape, precursors of the current city cars, such as the Isetta, which has even participated in the Mille Miglia.

Righini Collection

Address: Via Nino Bixio, 12 – Castelfranco Emilia - Modena
Phone: +39 051 733309
Opening hours: by appointment

The splendid setting of the Panzano Castle houses the collection of Mario Righini, whose passion was to recover and restore vintage vehicles. The exhibition includes about 350 examples, such as the Auto Avio Construction 350, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari, or the Alfa Romeo 2300 8C with which Tazio Nuvolari won the Grand Prix of Monza in 1933.

Stanguellini Historical Automobile Museum

Address: Via Emilia Est, 756 - Modena
Phone: +39 059 361105
Opening hours: by reservation, currently closed for renovation
The Collection, born from the love for the Stanguellini family, has brought together prestigious pieces including many racing cars and sports coupes. Among the most interesting pieces you can find the Stanguellini Junior 110, which won the Montecarlo Junior Grand Prix, or the Colibrì designed by Scaglione.

Umberto Panini Motor Museum

Address: Via Corletto Sud, 320 - Modena
Phone: +39 059 5962181
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18; Saturday from 9 to 12.30

This private museum collects, in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, is the most complete collection of Maserati cars, produced from 1926 onwards, such as the 6C 34 of Tazio Nuvolari, with whom the great champion won the Grand Prix of Modena and Naples, but also some motorcycles produced by the Maserati.

Mauro Pascoli Vespa Collection

Address: Via Faentina, 17/a - Ravenna
Phone: +39 0544 502078
Opening hours: by appointment
This Collection is the result of Mario Pascoli's passion for everything related to the Piaggio world. An exhibition of 500 square meters that includes over 150 Vespa, Ape and Piaggio mopeds, as well as many original accessories from 1946 to today, as well as pedal or electric toy models.

Rimini National Museum of Motorcycle

Address: Via Casalecchio, 58/n - Rimini
Phone: +39 0541 731096 – 347 1844267
Opening hours: from April to November every day from 9.30 to 12 and from 14 to 19; from November to April by reservation (groups of 10 persons minimum)

The Motorcycle Museum tells the story of the two wheels from its origins to today through a collection of more than 250 examples of 55 different brands: from the first models of the late 800 to the beautiful sidecars, but also unique pieces like the Frera SS 4V and some prototypes of motor brands of international renown, such as Bimota and Harley Davidson.

Pasquale Mesto Motorcycles Collection

Via Minarini 1/f - San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 9910058 – 370 3012123
Opening hours: by appointment

The Collection includes over 30 models of the Italjet brand, from cross-country mini bikes to funny bikes, to competition ones. One of the most interesting pieces is the Record Cyclecar 250 torpedo, which has won several speed records at Monza. Some prototypes are also exhibited here, such as the Grifon 900.

Nello Salsapariglia Collection

Address: Via Lazzaretti, 3 – Bagnolo in Piano, Reggio Emilia
Phone: +39 335 8430203
Opening hours: by appointment
The Salsapariglia Collection shows what man invented between the end of 1800 and throughout the 1900s: a collection of unique pieces that includes over 150 vintage motorcycles, many of which are unique pieces, skillfully restored, a hundred gramophones, vintage radios and phonographs, but also antique engines and tractors.

Old Racing Spare Parts Museum

Address: Via Santa Rizza, 28/3 – Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia
Phone: +39 05220999179 – 338 3228402
Opening hours: by reservation

This private single-brand collection tells the evolution of the Ducati Motor Brand from the 1920s up to today with an exhibition of everyday products, such as radios and mechanical calculators, as well as the most important and rare motorcycles that have marked its history, sporting and others, like the Laverda 750 or the single-cylinder Desmo.

Bariaschi Motorcycles Little Museum

Address: Via San Giuseppe, 16/a – Guastalla, Reggio Emilia
Phone: +39 0522 824064
Opening hours: by reservation

The purpose of the Museum is to tell the phenomenon of mass motorization after the Second World War: in a space of 650 square meters, about 180 significant examples of the Italian motorcycle industry were collected, as well as some pieces of European brands, from those used in life daily to competition ones.

San Martino in Rio Automobile Museum

Address: Via Barbieri, 12 – San Martino di Rio, Reggio Emilia
Phone: +39 05220636133
Opening hours: Museum Sunday from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 18.30; Friday from 21 to 24 / Scuderia Monday from 21 to 24, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 12 by appointment
This museum gathers about 40 vintage models of cars and motorcycles, real masterpieces that have marked the history of the car, such as the Fiat 509 of the Weymann type, characterized by the wooden body that had the function of making it lighter. The Museum also includes a Scuderia, known for its numerous publications in the sector.

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