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Budrio is a village of 18,479 inhabitants in the province of Bologna. Its origins are ancient, even date back to the Villanovian civilization, as evidenced by the many finds found in the area and exposed to the Archaeological Museum, as well as its name, which was formerly Butrium, ravine. There are also traces of Etruscan and Galli settlements, as far as the Romans, as evidenced by the geometric division of the fields, called agricultural centuration, and the streets of the historic center that cross at right angles, as was typical of Roman civilization. Towards the end of the 14th century, Budrio Castle, which had been repeatedly destroyed during past battles, was rebuilt by the governor of Bologna, Cardinal Albornoz, taking the classic square-shaped form with the towers at the corners; in the following century the village was incorporated into the castle.

what to see and what to do in BUDRIO

To be visited :

Walking around Budrio you can still see the four Torrions of the Albornoz Fortress, which have been recently restored, as well as the only stretch of walls still standing; also the Palazzo Comunale, with the Clock Tower (formerly a watchtower) dates back to the period of reconstruction by Cardinal Albornoz; today hosts a Gallery of Modern Art exhibiting works of local and international artists. Very interesting is Palazzo Boriani Dalla Noce, which is today the seat of the Library: it dates back to 1700 and inside it you can admire beautiful frescoes. Also worth visiting is the Pieve of Budrio, one of the oldest in the area, below which it is still possible to see part of an older church; the Church of Sant'Agata, which has a magnificent six arcade porch; and Santa Maria del Borgo, inside which there is an important crucifix of the 16th century.

To visit  the Museum of Idice River Valley, located in a neo-Renaissance style building and inaugurated in 2001. As you can guess from the name, the museum aims to highlight the protagonists who have made the history of these territories, with inventions and innovations; consequently, a reference to the genius of Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the radio, could not be missing. The exhibition also hosts objects that have now become rare products created by Ducati, from the creation of the factory to the 70s, but above all vintage motorcycles, such as the Cucciolo, one of the first models produced by the engine manufacturer, and also one of the most beloved; obviously the two bikes that, in 1957, have been around the world during the epic adventure of Tartarini and Monetti could not miss, in addition to the original film of the trip.


There are lots of events that take place in Budrio throughout the year: in February, in Mezzolara, a district of Budrio, there is the Inftidura dal Ninèn, that is the Pork Festival, where you can taste and / or buy salami of all kinds, excellence of Emilia Romagna; in March, usually on the second weekend, there is Budrio Ciok, the Artisan Chocolate Festival, this year at the third edition, during which you can taste many varieties of this food so loved, from that to chili to that with honey and lots of others; between the end of April and the beginning of May, the Ocarina International Festival takes place, this year at its 9th edition, featuring the presence of musicians and craftsmen from around the world, with concerts and popular dances on the streets of the village; throughout the month of May take place Country Rose, one of the most important market in Italy dedicated to rose, with exhibitions of ancient roses from all over the world; at the end of the June there is Budrio Bier Fest, an event that allows you to taste many Italian beers, but not only, and to listen numerous musical groups that will perform throughout the duration of the event; at the end of August there is the Summer Festival, with food and wine stands and local crafts and accompanying music; the second half of September, in Mezzolara, a district of Budrio, take place the Onion Festival, an ancient festival that recalls the peasant traditions of the territory, of which the onion is an excellence; among the dishes you can savor on this occasion there are definitely the onion soup with croutons and the delicious fried onion, to try!

Useful Info and Contacts

(association promoting local culture and tourism)
Via dei Mille 5
Tel. +39 051 802 888

BUDRIO Town hall
Piazza Q. Filopanti, 11
Tel.: +39 051 692 8111 

Hospital  Ospedale di Budrio- Via Benni, 44  Tel.  +39 051 809 111
   First Aid  tel.118

    where is Budrio?

    BUDRIO is located 23 km from Bologna and can be reached from this:

    by CAR: State Road 64 and Provincial Road 5 San Donato or State Road 253 San Vitale
    by TRAIN: From Bologna CENTRALE, BOLOGNA-PORTOMAGGIORE line, Budrio Station

    The Destinations:
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    2. ALTO RENO TERME - Bologna
    3. ANZOLA DELL’EMILIA - Bologna
    4. ARGELATO - Bologna
    5. BARICELLA - Bologna
    6. BAZZANO - Bologna
    7. BENTIVOGLIO - Bologna
    8. BORGO TOSSIGNANO - Bologna
    9. BUDRIO - Bologna
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    11. CAMUGNANO - Bologna
    12. CASALECCHIO DI RENO - Bologna
    13. CASALFIUMANESE - Bologna
    14. CASTEL D'AIANO - Bologna
    15. CASTEL DEL RIO - Bologna
    16. CASTEL DI CASIO - Bologna
    18. CASTEL MAGGIORE - Bologna
    19. CASTELLO D'ARGILE - Bologna
    22. CASTENASO - Bologna
    24. CRESPELLANO - Bologna
    25. CREVALCORE - Bologna
    26. DOZZA - Bologna
    27. FONTANELICE - Bologna
    28. GAGGIO MONTANO - Bologna
    29. GALLIERA - Bologna
    30. GRANAGLIONE - Bologna
    32. GRIZZANA MORANDI - Bologna
    33. IMOLA - Bologna
    34. LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE - Bologna
    35. LOIANO - Bologna
    36. MALALBERGO - Bologna
    37. MARZABOTTO - Bologna
    38. MEDICINA - Bologna
    39. MINERBIO - Bologna
    40. MOLINELLA - Bologna
    41. MONGHIDORO - Bologna
    42. MONTERENZIO - Bologna
    43. MONTE SAN PIETRO - Bologna
    44. MONTEVEGLIO - Bologna
    45. MONZUNO - Bologna
    46. MORDANO - Bologna
    47. OZZANO DELL' EMILIA - Bologna
    48. PIANORO - Bologna
    49. PIEVE DI CENTO - Bologna
    50. PORRETTA TERME - Bologna
    51. SALA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    53. SAN GIORGIO DI PIANO - Bologna
    55. SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA - Bologna
    56. SAN PIETRO IN CASALE - Bologna
    57. SANT'AGATA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    58. SASSO MARCONI - Bologna
    59. SAVIGNO - Bologna
    60. VERGATO- Bologna
    61. VALSAMOGGIA - Bologna
    62. VIDICIATICO - Bologna
    63. ZOLA PREDOSA - Bologna


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