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Argelato is a municipality of 9.823 inhabitants, in the province of Bologna. Its name probably derives from the characteristics of the territory, whether it is the predominantly clayey soil or the work that was used to do to stem the frequent overflowings of the Reno. During the Middle Ages the territory of Argelato belonged to Countess Matilde of Canossa, until it passed under the control of the city of Bologna, towards the mid-1200, and was involved in the military and political affairs of the city. Even during the mid 1600s, following periodic siege and floods, the families of Argelato built and moved to the town of Venezzano, today the village of Castel d'Argile.

what to see and what to do in ARGELATO

To be visited :

Worth a visit Villa Beatrice, not far from the city center: this beautiful villa of the 1500 was built by the Bolognese family of Angelelli and inside it you can see magnificent frescoes, mainly rural, so with depictions of life in fields, hunting and fishing, in addition to the commemoration of charity works made by the owners, all kept very well.
For those who love outdoor activities, Argelato's countryside is full of hiking trails and country roads that you can cross both on foot and by bicycle, maybe achieve one of the nearby villages such as Funo or Malacappa to admire places where time seems to have stopped.
But Argelato is not only suitable for walks, because it is in the center of what is now known as the Motor Valley, and its roads are often the destination for motorbikes or groups of enthusiasts who wants drive on beautiful roads, full of turns, having a great cornering experience and huge leaning. Many holiday packages are organized for motorcycle lovers and not only (we must always remember that Emilia Romagna is also famous for its excellent gastronomy), with the possibility of speedway running on two or four wheels  ( Of course there are many museums dedicated to the most famous motor homes: the one dedicated to Ferruccio Lamborghini, where you can admire the entire production of the famous car manufacturer, from the first Carloca tractor from 1947 to the latest sports car such as Miura, Countach and Urraco, to name just a few; the Ducati Museum, which allows you to retrace the whole story of the famous brand; the Umberto Panini Collection, despite being a private collection, was declared the Official Collection of Maserati Cars, and today is the official historical collection of the brand. In addition to museums, too many to name them all, for those who, in addition to watching, want to go on speedway, there are plenty of circuits, both for motorcycles and cars, in the Motor Valley, as well as 11 kartodroms: you have your pick in conclusion!


There are many events that take place all year round in Argelato: in mid-September at Villa Beatrice, there is the Holi Dance Festival Color Experience, the most important Italian color festival, featuring djs from all over the world; in the middle of October, the Fair of the Ancient Tastes animates the streets of the country with food and wine stands and local crafts, an opportunity to taste the great polenta with the ragout and to attend the concert of Fanfara dei Bersaglieri; In early November, in the historic halls of Villa Beatrice, there is Tartufando, a festival in honor of one of the most exquisite food in the province of Bologna, the truffle; in early December, always at Villa Beatrice, a Christmas Market is set up, with local craftsmanship, perfect for making Christmas gifts.
Remember that Villa Beatrice, with its beautiful spaces, also hosts concerts of artists from all over the world.

Useful Info and Contacts

(association promoting local culture and tourism)
Via F.lli Cervi 3

ARGELATO Town hall
Via Argelati, 4
Tel.: +39 051 663  4611

Health Service - nearest Hospital
Ospedale di Bentivoglio , via G. Marconi,35   Tel.  +39 051 664 4111
   First Aid  tel.118

    The Destinations:
    1. METROPOLITAN AREA of Bologna
    2. ALTO RENO TERME - Bologna
    3. ANZOLA DELL’EMILIA - Bologna
    4. ARGELATO - Bologna
    5. BARICELLA - Bologna
    6. BAZZANO - Bologna
    7. BENTIVOGLIO - Bologna
    8. BORGO TOSSIGNANO - Bologna
    9. BUDRIO - Bologna
    10. CALDERARA DI RENO - Bologna
    11. CAMUGNANO - Bologna
    12. CASALECCHIO DI RENO - Bologna
    13. CASALFIUMANESE - Bologna
    14. CASTEL D'AIANO - Bologna
    15. CASTEL DEL RIO - Bologna
    16. CASTEL DI CASIO - Bologna
    18. CASTEL MAGGIORE - Bologna
    19. CASTELLO D'ARGILE - Bologna
    22. CASTENASO - Bologna
    24. CRESPELLANO - Bologna
    25. CREVALCORE - Bologna
    26. DOZZA - Bologna
    27. FONTANELICE - Bologna
    28. GAGGIO MONTANO - Bologna
    29. GALLIERA - Bologna
    30. GRANAGLIONE - Bologna
    32. GRIZZANA MORANDI - Bologna
    33. IMOLA - Bologna
    34. LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE - Bologna
    35. LOIANO - Bologna
    36. MALALBERGO - Bologna
    37. MARZABOTTO - Bologna
    38. MEDICINA - Bologna
    39. MINERBIO - Bologna
    40. MOLINELLA - Bologna
    41. MONGHIDORO - Bologna
    42. MONTERENZIO - Bologna
    43. MONTE SAN PIETRO - Bologna
    44. MONTEVEGLIO - Bologna
    45. MONZUNO - Bologna
    46. MORDANO - Bologna
    47. OZZANO DELL' EMILIA - Bologna
    48. PIANORO - Bologna
    49. PIEVE DI CENTO - Bologna
    50. PORRETTA TERME - Bologna
    51. SALA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    53. SAN GIORGIO DI PIANO - Bologna
    55. SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA - Bologna
    56. SAN PIETRO IN CASALE - Bologna
    57. SANT'AGATA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    58. SASSO MARCONI - Bologna
    59. SAVIGNO - Bologna
    60. VERGATO- Bologna
    61. VALSAMOGGIA - Bologna
    62. VIDICIATICO - Bologna
    63. ZOLA PREDOSA - Bologna


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