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Bazzano is a village of 6.917 inhabitants in the province of Bologna. The first settlements are very old, as evidenced by the remains found in the area and now exposed into the Crespellani Museum, while its name derives from the Latin, probably from "badianum", which means domain of an abbey, and indeed Bazzano has been for a long time under the control of the Abbey of Nonantola, which in turn referred to the city of Modena. Given its border position, a castle was built in Bazzano, destroyed during a siege and rebuilt at the end of 1200 by Azzo VII d'Este. The fortress was also one of the headquarters of the Capitani di Montagna. 

Today Bazzano is a town hall and also the municipal seat of the new Municipality of Valsamoggia, created by the merger of the former municipalities of Bazzano, Crespellano, Monteveglio, Savigno and Castello di Serravalle.

what to see and what to do in BAZZANO

In a dominant position there is the medieval fortress , named ROCCA DEI BENTIVOGLIO, which underwent changes at the end of the fifteenth century, when it became the home of the Bentivoglio family, who at the time ruled Bologna. Inside it is today the Crespellani Archaeological Civic Museum, where you can admire the many findings found in the area. Next to the fortress is the Church of Santo Stefano, probably the oldest in the country. In the main square is the Oratory of Santa Maria del Suffragio, where every Saturday takes place the market, which is one of the most important in the province. From the main square there is also a panoramic staircase, called the "one hundred steps", which leads from the statue of Giuditta to the fortress. Worth a visit the Sanctuary of the Sabbionara, on the road that leads to Castelfranco: built in 1630, inside it is possible to admire some particular illusionistic frescoes.
At less than 10 kilometers of Bazzano, and precisely in San Cesario sul Panaro, all motor enthusiasts can finally visit the Horacio Pagani Museum, which opened last December. Inside the Museum the entire collection of Pagani's projects has been exhibited, from the Argentine period, to the one in the Lamborghini, up to the latest models, while a historical section based on interactive systems and films is under construction. Of course, cars could not be missing, and when we talk about Pagani, Zonda and Huayra, supercars of the highest performances, come together in a truly unique collection. But for those who are not content to look only at the finished product, however impressive, in the Pagani Museum it is also possible to do a Factory Tour, an interesting tour in the Pagani factory, where you can see these supercars literally take life.


Various events take place in Bazzano during the year: the first of February there is the Carnival, with the parade of typical allegorical floats and masks for the historic center, as well as food and wine stands where you can taste the typical sweets of the tradition. In June, in the beautiful seat of the Fortress, there is the Solstizio d'Estate in Festa, an opportunity to discover the traditional flavors of Valsamoggia during a candlelight dinner and a night market set up by local artisans and producers. The fortress hosts, during the year, also many events, such as food and wine tasting, art exhibitions, concerts and shows.
The typical product of Bazzano is Chasselas, a very thin-skinned grape with round grains, particularly appetizing, originating from Lebanon and imported from the Phoenicians.

Useful Info and Contacts

Tourist Office
Villa Edvige Garagnani, in Via Masini 11  Zola Predosa.
Tel. +39 051 992 3221 

Municipality of VALSAMOGGIA
BAZZANO Town hall
Piazza Garibaldi, 1 
40053 Bazzano
Tel. +39 051 836 411

nearest Hospital  Ospedale di Bazzano - Viale dei martiri, 10b 
Tel.  +39 051 838811
   First Aid  tel.118

    where's BAZZANO in Valsamoggia

    BY CAR: From the A1 motorway, exit at Bologna Casalecchio; from the Bologna ring road instead take the exits n. 3; in all cases then continue along the Strada Bazzanese towards Maranello; Coming from the North, the exit on the A1 motorway is Valsamoggia, continue towards Via Emilia (Strada Statale 9) towards Modena, then at Calcara take the Provincial Road 27 and then the 569, both in the Vignola direction .
    BY TRAIN: Metropolitan Railway Service, with frequent cadence, from Bologna Centrale towards Vignola, Bazzano Station
    BY BUS: TPER BUS # 94 from Bologna Via dei Mille every 30 minutes, BUS TPER # 671 from Bologna Bus station every hour approximately

    other destinations

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    27. FONTANELICE - Bologna
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    29. GALLIERA - Bologna
    30. GRANAGLIONE - Bologna
    32. GRIZZANA MORANDI - Bologna
    33. IMOLA - Bologna
    34. LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE - Bologna
    35. LOIANO - Bologna
    36. MALALBERGO - Bologna
    37. MARZABOTTO - Bologna
    38. MEDICINA - Bologna
    39. MINERBIO - Bologna
    40. MOLINELLA - Bologna
    41. MONGHIDORO - Bologna
    42. MONTERENZIO - Bologna
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    44. MONTEVEGLIO - Bologna
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    46. MORDANO - Bologna
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    50. PORRETTA TERME - Bologna
    51. SALA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    53. SAN GIORGIO DI PIANO - Bologna
    55. SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA - Bologna
    56. SAN PIETRO IN CASALE - Bologna
    57. SANT'AGATA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    58. SASSO MARCONI - Bologna
    59. SAVIGNO - Bologna
    60. VERGATO- Bologna
    61. VALSAMOGGIA - Bologna
    62. VIDICIATICO - Bologna
    63. ZOLA PREDOSA - Bologna


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