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Baricella is a village of 5,727 inhabitants in the province of Bologna. In ancient times, around 1300, its name was Guazzarello, that is "soaking in the water", which indicated that in these territories the fight against flooding of rivers has always been a constant factor; then it has become Barigella, the seat of the Bargello, police officer guarding the territory, from which the current Baricella derives. Until the middle of the 15th century this area was legally dependent by the town of Altedo, but later the Bologna government made it effectively autonomous. The entire territory of the village of Baricella has lived in the period of great dreinages that were carried out between 1700 and 1900, until the territory set up as we know it today, and in fact the figure of "scariolanti", those who were emptied the wheelbarrows, has always been extremely important, as well as that of the mondine, women that work in the rice-fields, since this has always been a land of rice fields, very large and very numerous.

what to see and what to do in BARICELLA

To be visited :

It is worth visiting the church of Santa Maria in Baricella, dating back to the 15th century, where you can admire paintings of great beauty, while in the nearby oratory of St. Joseph there is a valuable organ. The Oratory of San Marco, also called the Zucchini Chapel, is very particularl because in it you can admire an example of neo-medieval decor in floral style by the artists of Emilia Ars, headed by Alfonso Rubbiani, one of the most important attempts at neomedieval decorative renovation of Italy.
For outdoor enthusiasts, not far from Baricella, about 30 kilometers, there is Delta del Po Regional Park, instituted in 1998, and the following year it became part of UNESCO. Inside the Park you can organize excursions to explore new and interesting landscapes all year round, on foot or by bicycle as well as by boat, both alone and with the accompaniment of experienced staff: in this case, you can also access some areas that are normally not accessible to the public. Among the proposed excursions, there are also some that focus on birdwatching, as the Park, with its 54,000 hectares, is a complex environment where intersecting marshland, woodland and lagoon areas, which have allowed a large number of birds to find here a suitable place to nest: the Park is in fact the most important ornithological area in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.


Many events take place all year round in Baricella and the surrounding area: at the end of January there is the Pig Festival, where you can taste all kinds of salami, a typical, undoubted product of Emilia Romagna; the last weekend in September there is the Polenta Festival, with foss and wind stands and local crafts, accompanied by live music; in mid October, the traditional Fire di Sdazz, the Sieve Fair, the tools used to sift the flour, take place on the streets of the village, where you can taste the typical desserts such as raviole and brazadèle, donuts to be soaked in wine. At the end of November there is the Foggy Feast, another typical "product" of the Po Valley: when the cold of fog and autumn begins to feel, then it is the right occasion to savor the tasty hot dishes of the Romagna tradition , such as crescioni, piadine, polenta and tortelli.
There are some sweets ypical in Baricella, in addition to the typical dishes of the region, whose recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and jealously guarded: among these we remember Christmas bread, but also Copp, a sweet made with ricotta, eggs, sugar and star anise, so called because once cooked takes the form of coppo, a tile; also typical is the Latteruolo, a pudding based on milk, flour, eggs and vanilla, but someone also added coriander, which gives this sweet a particular flavor.

Useful Info and Contacts

Via Roma, 76
Tel.: +39 051 662 2411


   First Aid  tel.118

    The Destinations:
    1. METROPOLITAN AREA of Bologna
    2. ALTO RENO TERME - Bologna
    3. ANZOLA DELL’EMILIA - Bologna
    4. ARGELATO - Bologna
    5. BARICELLA - Bologna
    6. BAZZANO - Bologna
    7. BENTIVOGLIO - Bologna
    8. BORGO TOSSIGNANO - Bologna
    9. BUDRIO - Bologna
    10. CALDERARA DI RENO - Bologna
    11. CAMUGNANO - Bologna
    12. CASALECCHIO DI RENO - Bologna
    13. CASALFIUMANESE - Bologna
    14. CASTEL D'AIANO - Bologna
    15. CASTEL DEL RIO - Bologna
    16. CASTEL DI CASIO - Bologna
    18. CASTEL MAGGIORE - Bologna
    19. CASTELLO D'ARGILE - Bologna
    22. CASTENASO - Bologna
    24. CRESPELLANO - Bologna
    25. CREVALCORE - Bologna
    26. DOZZA - Bologna
    27. FONTANELICE - Bologna
    28. GAGGIO MONTANO - Bologna
    29. GALLIERA - Bologna
    30. GRANAGLIONE - Bologna
    32. GRIZZANA MORANDI - Bologna
    33. IMOLA - Bologna
    34. LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE - Bologna
    35. LOIANO - Bologna
    36. MALALBERGO - Bologna
    37. MARZABOTTO - Bologna
    38. MEDICINA - Bologna
    39. MINERBIO - Bologna
    40. MOLINELLA - Bologna
    41. MONGHIDORO - Bologna
    42. MONTERENZIO - Bologna
    43. MONTE SAN PIETRO - Bologna
    44. MONTEVEGLIO - Bologna
    45. MONZUNO - Bologna
    46. MORDANO - Bologna
    47. OZZANO DELL' EMILIA - Bologna
    48. PIANORO - Bologna
    49. PIEVE DI CENTO - Bologna
    50. PORRETTA TERME - Bologna
    51. SALA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    53. SAN GIORGIO DI PIANO - Bologna
    55. SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA - Bologna
    56. SAN PIETRO IN CASALE - Bologna
    57. SANT'AGATA BOLOGNESE - Bologna
    58. SASSO MARCONI - Bologna
    59. SAVIGNO - Bologna
    60. VERGATO- Bologna
    61. VALSAMOGGIA - Bologna
    62. VIDICIATICO - Bologna
    63. ZOLA PREDOSA - Bologna


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